Sequence pattern changes on digitone from octatrack?

So far I’ve figured out how to set them so that the patterns are mirrored across both, but I’d like a more flexible way of triggering pattern changes, for example, to automatically swap between several digitone patterns while staying on one octa pattern, or to switch patterns on the octa without necessarily changing the active pattern on the digitone. My hope is that I can set up a midi trig to send a pattern change message and therefore take advantage of trig conditions and midi track muting but I haven’t found a clear explanation of this. Thanks in advance xoxo

I don’t believe you can send Program Change messages from a trig on the OT. They are only sent on pattern change/part change IIRC. You would likely need a MIDI event processor to use a note to send a program change from a trig.

MIDI Solutions Event Processor is one option.

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As you probably know, this function is realized by sending MIDI Program Change (PC) messages from the transmitter to the receiver.

While the OT’s sequencer cannot send PC messages from its sequencer steps, the Digitone can. The behaviour of the OT in response to these messages is set by:

  • the CHAIN AFTER parameter in the OT’s PROJECT > CONTROL > SEQUENCER menu, and
  • parameters in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu.

You will have to experiment to see whether it meets your needs.