Sequence sample slices with probability events

So perhaps this has been discussed before and I’ve missed something.

ATM, I’m using LFOs to trigger start times on samples per step and I’ve been wondering…

Is it possible to sequence a sliced sample in a way that it applies probability (per step) to create some controlled variations.

For example: take a loop, slice it to 16 steps, linear lock it and activate all triggers on 1 bar … then manually apply a probability event to half those steps which will randomly select a different slice 50% of the time (or whatever).

On my cirklon I have random gate (on/off trigger) but also random note within a user defined boundary (for example if the base note is C3, i can instruct it to trigger that step 30% of the time with a boundary of +2, ie it will trigger either C3, C#3 or D3).

How cool would it be to assign probability for which slice is triggered (within a user defined range, ie trigger SL3 with probability to trigger SL4 or SL2)

I absolutely love that about the Cirklon.

Yes with the lfo designer + rdm lfo modulating its speed. That way you have probability with specific values.

Set your values in the lfo designer, the probability depending on number of values out of 16 (4 values > 25% of chance).
Choose that lfo designer for lfo1, with Hold, Depth = 127
Modulate that lfo1 speed with the lfo below, random, 64x or less, max depth.


If you want probability on specific steps, I assume from here, you’d just P-Lock the rdm LFO to max depth on the trigs you want, yeah? Damn, that’s a cool solution.


Thats a very creative work around, thanks for sharing!

I am sort of doing it that way and as @mr_bernard mentions you can parameter lock the LFO (genius).

I need to spend more time with it to get used to the workflow… The Cirklon offers such an elegant solution that I know exactly what I’m doing utilising 2 AUX tracks but this will more or less get me there :+1:t3: Must try when I have some tome tomorrow!

Thank you :pray:t3:

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Considering my above trick with probability, I’d rather plock lfo1 (designer) depth to max.

If you just want randomness with +1, -1, plock a +2* value for a single random lfo depth would suffice.
*In slice mode, lfo values need to be multiply by 2.

Lfo designer + rdm lfo is very usefull for specific musical values such retrig time, pitch, delay, lfo speed, etc…

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