Sequencer trig input

Hey all, just received my Model:cycles (first elektron piece of gear) I’ve got an OPZ as well.
Is there a way to input note trigs from the chromatic buttons in step recording (not live recording) in a similar way to the OPZ/Pocket operators? i.e. pressing a note on the chromatic scale selects that note as the trig when you input notes along the sequence? Instead of when you input notes it’s always middle C (no.9) and having to manually change the note value with the data knob


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Welcome to the forum!

I’m fairly sure you can’t but a) I’ve not got my M:S here to check and b) someone else will give you a definitive answer.

I’ve always worked from C as you’ve been doing or recording in real time then tweaking to suit.

Enjoy your M:C! I really like the look of them but I’ve already got a Digitone and I’m struggling to justify owning both.

Hey thank you!

Would be nice to have in an update, makes inputting notes (particularly for tone and chord machines) a heck of a lot easier and more fluid. Also an easier way to alter chords would be cool too

Thanks for your help mate

i was thinking a “lock mode” for the 16 bottom buttons would be an amazing feature: where you could store various programs per button and perform them live/into the sequencer even maybe. this would allow for all sorts of pseudo-features including scales, jumps in parameter shifts not possible instantaneously with knobs, etc.

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Yeah, the OPZ offers a lot of those features, I’m kind of missing them in this, just a really easy to access way to mix up your pattern, the fill feature on the cycles is cool, but I wish it ran it’s own seqeunce, it’s really hard to remember where all the notes are for the main track and the fill track, rgb leds would have been nice for this. Also, I’m not a fan of the parameter locks displayed as LED values on the sequencer, I hope there is an update that uses the LEDs next to each parameter knob to increase brightness based on if it is locked in the track. Hard not to make a lot of comparisons to TE products, but there are definitely some things that could be upgraded on the cycles. Overall it’s a great products (and a bit cheaper) but missing some of those features.

that’s actually the biggest flaw of the m:c for me. i sold my electribe 2 due to that. the m:c is not that fiddly like the electribe when changing a note via menu, but you can’t do it intuitively.
i try to remind myself, that this is a drum machine and groovebox, not a synth. but still… there is this chromatic keyboard and why… maybe i put it in some feature request board.

its such a weird omission for what this box is. ok chord mode dope, but i have to do what edit notes… … on purpose?

I don’t think the leds are capable of dimming. Otherwise they probably would on lfo depth and things like that.

Strange limitation. Nobody has solved this yet? Is it the same for Analog4 and other Elektron Machines?

The A4 has a chromatic keyboard, so it’s not an issue. With the M:C, notes can be input in step mode with an external midi controller, on the Auto Channel.

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