Sequencing a hardware with sampler with the OT

Any of you all do this? I have 8 MIDI channels and 8 out from my Akai sampler. It seems like it could be pretty awesome, especially for old school jungle or house (instead of using a tracker).

Interested in the pros and cons there.

Yes. I have done with with OT sequencing koala.
Pros - all the octa stuff, koala has polyphony and some nifty effects.

Cons- cant think of any.

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Awesome, yeah same. I mean in this capacity it would be sending it MIDI just like a tracker would. I feel like I can do anything on it that I’d do using MIDI out of Renoise, except probably faster workflow since it’s an Elektron sequencer.

Also thought about trying it with the M8 but I think the OT is optimal in this case.

Been sequencing bitbox micro in granular mode via midi cc from octatrack. Works nice to set plocks to cobteol position, grain and other options. Only quirk is that octatrack sends note data and sometimes the midi cc hasnt changed the parameters, gotten around this a bit by plocking midi cc changes on the step before. Using OT to control external sampler opens up the fun of plocks control

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MPC 500 sequenced by OT. Lots of possible variations with lfos on arp speed, notes, velocity…
No trig conditions available when I recorded this. I think OT is really efficient for generative drum stuff…


Cool Idea, i was missing the option to polyphonically play samples with Octa a bit. Koala is already on my Phone. How did you go about connecting Midi / Audio? I know Octa does not send Midi via USB. Sadly my Phone lacks a Headphones Output i tried via Bluetooth but latency was not fun. Do you use an iPad?

Yeah I’ve got an iPad.
I cheat. I have a digitone, which has midi over usb. So I just send the proper midi from octatrack through the digitone and into iPad. (Sure I could use the digitone to sequence too)

Anyway, that’s how I do it.

Yes, could use Syntakt. Brilliant, now i need a cheap iPad xD Thanks