Sequencing workflow questions

Hey y’all - brand new here and I am also new to the world of electronic music making.

I picked up my first synthesizer at the beginning of quarantine and have been slowly learning since. My current setup is the Digitakt into a Keystep into a Peak into a Model D.

I find myself using the sequencer on the key step because of how easy it is to punch in notes on the keyboard, but I feel it is fairly limited when I want to make something with a little more structure or interest. I know that the Digitakt has a pretty powerful sequencer, and would love to get into using it more, but I hate punching in individual notes on the trig page. I was just wondering what some of your workflows for sequencing with the Digi are? Am I able to use the key step to punch in notes for my sequences in Step recording mode? Are there any tricks here that could make my life easier? What workflows have you guys been enjoying? Thanks so much!

Welcome to making electronic music! You already have a super powerful setup…so much you can do with those three instruments.

I think you’ll find it so much easier to unlock the power of the DT’s sequencer by switching up your midi chain a little bit. Try running your Keystep MIDI out -> DT MIDI in -> DT MIDI out -> Peak MIDI in -> Peak MIDI thru -> Model D MIDI in.

Basically by doing this, you can use your Keystep to assign notes to each DT sequencer track (both for its 8 sample tracks, as well as its 8 MIDI tracks). Once you learn about how to set up and use the DT’s MIDI autochannel (check out the manual!) you essentially can leave the Keystep assigned to one MIDI channel, and simply by changing the tracks on the DT, whatever notes you play from the Keystep will affect whatever the currently selected track.

So, say for example, you want to sequence your Peak from MIDI Track A. If your Peak is set to receive MIDI channel 1, then you simply set up your DT on MIDI Track A to channel 1. Then select Track A, make sure the Keystep is set whatever your MIDI autochannel is (mine is on 10, I think that’s what the default is), and all you have to do is hold down whatever trig you want to change the note(s) on in the DT, and play the key(s) on the Keystep. You can also record live this way (while the sequencer is running) and it will record your notes in real time.

There is SO much you can do with your DT and Peak using the DT sequencer…you get four notes of polyphony (and that’s just per MIDI track on the DT…you can assign multiple DT tracks and play multiple parts simultaneously on the Peak if you want, for example). And you can also assign up to 8 different CC parameters, so you can use parameter locks on the DT to automate things like filter cutoff, resonance, envelope settings, etc. on the Peak, all from the DT sequencer.

If you haven’t yet (or haven’t recently) taken the time to dive into the DT manual, I really highly recommend it. It will pay off for in a big way…you really have a powerful enough setup to make some serious music, and so much fun ahead of you. Good luck!


Wow! Thank you so much for the quick and thorough response! I am working on all of that right now. This place is great.

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It’s a great community! I just started out a couple years ago myself, and have learned so much here. There is a lot of knowledge to mine in this forum for sure.


The DT sequencer is so awesome! I think once you get started you’ll have many discoveries and AHA! moments.

Many of us share that same journey (which never ends IMO), and those early days of discovery with the Elektron sequencer are highly memorable. There will be ups and downs, and posts you’ll withdraw because you realize it’s on page 10 in the manual, but we’re here for you and the view is worth the climb. :slight_smile:


I’ve had the DT since June and the learning curve has actually been the most fun and inspiring part of all of this. After reading Dave’s advice yesterday and spending an hour learning how to reconfigure my stuff, there was a massive A-HA moment that already inspired a new song that i’m hours into working on. The manual is incredible, but I have to take it in pieces because it is information overload. Thankfully, everyone here seems cool enough that if I ask a question that can be easily found in the manual, I won’t be made to feel stupid about it. That means a lot.

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what a tender version

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