Sequential Mode Not Functioning Properly?

Hey everyone,

I just noticed that while I’m in a specific Project, and when attempting to switch between specific Patterns (1-4), nothing happens.

I’m starting to think this is a bug…but there’s also the chance I’m missing something obvious. Any ideas? Has anyone experienced something like this before?

Here’s exactly how it plays out:

  1. With Sequential Mode active and while playback is stoped, pattern 1 (Bank A) is selected
  2. Play the sequence from pattern 1
  3. Press Bank A, then select pattern 4
  4. In the bottom left of the screen, patterns 1-4 being to flash, but nothing happens
  5. Pattern 1 plays indefinitely

Note 1: When jumping between patterns 1-4 while any other Pattern Mode is active, everything works as normal

Note 2: When jumping between Patterns 1-4 or seemingly any other pattern combination and Pattern Mode in any other Project, I haven’t seen this happen from my testing.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Do you have Chain mode or Song mode on?

It’s easy to accidentally turn Chain mode on by overlapping the moments you tap/hold a trig whilst choosing patterns.

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What are the scale settings for those patterns? I believe if Master Length is set to INF, they won’t change in Sequential mode.


I actually forgot to mention that Chain/Song Mode weren’t active, haha. But yeah this is a good point, I did mess with those as well to try solving this.

This was my thought as well


Holy shit! This was it, you figured it out!

Good looks, can’t thank y’all enough!

Hopefully this will help others in the future who stumble on this scenario :wink:


Yup! lol

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I’ve been in this exact situation with the Analog Four, rubbing my eyes and cursing. But with Elektrons it’s usually you, not the machine, that’s malfunctioning.

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I did this earlier in the week, with ny Octatrack! If you make a pattern, and then [Func]+[Play] to clear it, you’ll be left with Scale and Part or Kit settings, but no trigs. I should have remembered when I read the OP.