SERIOUS: Do you like jazz?

I’m beginning to understand that the Elektron crowd despises jazz.

Are you not entertained?!


Love jazz, not a fan of that though. It’s a huge umbrella genre. I’m a bit more narrowly focused with my jazz interests.

I do for sure, just not super deep into it

I really like Herbie Hancock:
Synths can be in jazz too :sunglasses:


Like @graverubber says, it is a huge umbrella genre, like saying “do you like dance music?” or “electronic music?” or even “pop” (Aphex Twin has charted)

I like quite a lot of jazz, from Mingus’s Ah Um, through to some stuff that is less obviously “jazz” (Bobby Previte’s Moscow Circus Music, John Zorn’s Big Gundown, all that “ambient” Jan Garberek stuff, Miles Davis from Kind Of Blue to Do Wop, Comet Is Coming, Danalogue (Is Danalogue jazz, or is he just an artist who falls under that umbrella cos he’s associate with London’s cuurent Jazz new wave?))

So yeah, I can say that for SERIOUS I like (some) jazz.


Ive a huge jazz collection and love it. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. I prefer the early stuff with small sets. The smokey club scene. Used to go to Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham uk. I played a bit of jazz piano in a nightclub as well. Improvisational stuff. Not quite Oscar Peterson level though :rofl:


Jazz Funk rules!


Yeah Brand X :grinning:

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Jack DeJohnette is life
Charles Mingus is truth
Elvin Jones is the fucking way.
Duke Ellington is all there is and nothing else.


Yes generally, but only relatively recently in life. I don’t really know what my favourite styles are yet, other than I seem to prefer it without singers and not too brash or brassy. I find that a 15 min afternoon powernap is much more effective with some jazz playing than without, and I’m putting that down to a gentler timbre to the instruments combined with unexpected phrasing and melodies, which when concentrated on helps to zone out and stop my mind wandering back to the things I’m trying to rest from.


I like jazz a lot and I listen to it a lot !


cool/bebop was never really my thing (if i’d been a beatnik in the 50s instead of a 90s raver? maybe) but hot/swing jazz is pretty great. probably also why i never really made the change from straight breakbeat hardcore over the more jazzy Bukem-style drum and bass back in the day – but have come to enjoy a lot of those intelligent beats lately. it’s more chill-out than it probably sounded to me at the time

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I don’t think in genres that much anymore because there are so many similarities between them. Coltrane’s “Interstellar Space” and Coil’s “Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil” are kind of the same thing. Was listening to Coltrane’s Alabama yesterday and it was really moving.


Zigzagger - Takuya Kuroda

American intelligence - Theo Parrish

Two of my faves. Theo Parrish… is considered dance music, but the vibe is jazzy in my eyes :slight_smile:

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alright, i can give a bit more of a serious answer.
I love jazz.
Once i got serious about playing drumset, i realized that i needed to know not only the history of my instrument but the places that it went in the history of music. so, yeah, i love it…not all of it as a blanket statement, but i sure love what i love…


I like it swinging and or experimental.
Duke Ellington and Miles Davis are among my most important influences.

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Same here. Now I understand why you mentioned Elvin Jones.


I don’t know much, but from everything I’ve heard I prefer fusion to “trad” jazz. Brand X because I’m a Collins fanboy, anything Holdsworth has been involved with even though most of it isn’t really jazzy at all, Jean Luc Ponty etc.

I feel like some of the more “proper” jazz is like a musical in-joke that I don’t get a lot of the time. Coltrane’s weirder stuff is like that for me, like that album that is just sax and drums? I appreciate that so much from a point of view that it’s just so ridiculous, but I get almost no enjoyment at all out of listening to it.

I sometimes go to the jazz bar around the corner from my house but most of the time it’s just bands where the members take turns soloing and there’s not much else going on.

I think, much like my interest in many other genres, I enjoy jazz most when it’s combined with some other style. Especially metal.


easily for me as well…
Miles’s electric period changed my whole approach to music…
Duke was always there…


Art Blakey, Max Roach…


During the Regan years, Miles Davis got invited to a White House dinner (i dont know the reason why, but of course, of course! Miles Davis should be eating dinner at the White House!) and Nancy Reagan asked him what he had done to get himself invited to the table and his response was" I just changed the course of music 5 or 6 times, whatd you do besides fuck the President?"

Bitches Brew/ On the Corner changed my world