Set tempo by midi (sysex?)

does anyone know of a way to set the tempo via midi when the OT is master clock? SysEx maybe? @Rusty? (I’m polishing my Total Recall system). Thanks!

AFAIK tempo can be only determined if OT is slaved, with F8 messages (24 per 1/4 note > tempo).
It can’t be set as a value.

No official sysex messages for Ot, except for firmware updates.

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Yeah, I’m familiar with midi specs. Just wanted to know if maybe there was workaround using sysex, even undocumented. I looked at the Octaedit screenshots on Rusty’s website and there’s a “tempo” field somewhere to be seen so it looks like it’s retrievable value. But maybe not via midi ;-(

OctaEdit modifies CF card project files.


Of course there is, because Octaedit is for editing project files of the OT and the tempo is definitely stored there somewhere.

But this won’t help a bit. Neither have you access to the files while the OT is playing (you need to switch to USB disk mode), nor can you trigger a reload project remotely (and the sequencer would stop in this case, too).

Yeah… oh well. I guess this will never be added, OT being feature-complete (tempo per pattern like on the Digitone would have been great!). So I’ll continue to set it by hand (I’m used to include the original bpm in the part name so I have an immediate reminder). I wouldn’t mind having the Digitone as master clock, but I do use Pick-up machines sometimes to start a song and let OT adjust the tempo to the 1st loop.

I still would be interested to know what the stored tempo relates to then!

EDIT: if only the tap tempo was tied to a midi note, we could get away using a 1 bar midi sequence from another device, I have used that trick in the past to have Reaper keep in sync with the OT

Just in case you didn’t know I’ll mention the arranger can have individual bpm settings per arrangement row and the arranger can respond to MIDI song position pointer. Don’t know if that will be useful to you but I’ll throw it out there…


Hmmmm, I never used the arranger, that’s a fact. I’ll take a closer look, thanks for the reminder… But there’s no midi control over it either (apart from SPP but that would mean that the OT is slaved to ext midi clock), I believe.

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SPP just jumps to a number of beats from the beginning of a song/arrangement, no clock is necessary…

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Did you try to use SPP from a another device when OT is master clock? Does the OT actually receive it and jump to the right location?

No I haven’t tested myself or really ever used SPP…

I just read an old thread that suggested the OT will only react to SPP when stopped or paused…

Hi. Could you post the link?
Once I tried to control arranger with SPP with a midi processor mapping Control Changes without success.
AFAIK no details in the manual.