Set up insurance uk

Any body recommend a good insurance company for my set up, as won’t be covered by household contents insurance. Any info/guidance appreciated.

I use Zurich music insurance.

Why’s is not covered by your contents insurance? I specifically checked about mine and they said as long as it was itemised it was covered.

Edit: that was Lloyds bank btw

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Thanks, they said it was specialised, will change company I think

I fucking hate Lloyds Bank, I’ve had so many problems with them…

I use Musicguard which was recommended to me as they specialise in music equipment, but as with all insurance companies it’s difficult to know how good they are about paying out, as i’ve (thankfully) never had to claim anything from them yet…

I work for Lloyd’s :disappointed_relieved::smile: not their Retail/insurance division though!

Specialised is a bullshit argument. You could spin that for anything!

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Ha, that’s true!

Our previous house had very dodgy electrics and the night storm Barney hit, a few bits in the studio got fried. Direct Line coughed up no questions to the tune of about £3K. A specialist engineer reported they were beyond economical repair. In fact, as my Tenori-on was discontinued, I found the most expensive one I could on ebay (£1200 + £50 shipping from Japan) and the covered the whole lot. I obviously didn’t replace it though, just used it for quote purposes.
This was just bog standard contents insurance
Specialist Schmecialist.

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I could be wrong but if you take some of your equipment out and about for gigs/rehearsals etc i don’t think basic home insurance would cover stolen/damaged equipment then though…

Very good point… i’ll get m’coat!

Not sure about that. Your contents insurance should cover the contents of your house, even if it’s not there.

I was with musicguard. If you’re touring/playing shows check the fine print. Stuff along the lines of ‘you have to keep your gear in sight at all times’ (IIRC)…Pretty useless for those situations where all bands on the bill have gear stored together in a space backstage/elsewhere in building etc. Probably fine/no questions asked for studio/home claims tho, fortunately I never had to make one during my time with them.

Thank you all for the info, have gone with Bradford and bingly, good reviews and covers it all.