Setting midi for monomachine, AR and ultranova

Hi guys, i need help to setup thes 3 machines.
I want to use my ultranova to play sounds of each monomachines tracks, no problem for this, autochannel on channel 16 on both.
I can also play the ultranova sound through the monomachine with midi mart one on channel 16 on the monomachine, everything is perfect.
But if i send control change to my ultranova the analog rytm that is on the thru port of the ultranova receive the program change when i want to change a program with procram change to the ultranova and so the AR change of pattern!
All what happend is normal but have you a solution that let me change a patch on the ultranova without changing pattern on the AR
I can t set the midi channel of a machine because i need my AR to follow the monomachine pattern!
I m not sure there is a solution but if someone has it please help me!

For the moment i just changed the midi channel of external teack one, like this i can use the autochannel for the 6 monomachine tracks but can t use the keyboard for the external midi track, any ideas?