Setting up Digitakt with Nord Lead A1

I’m loving the Nord for real! some good sounds out of it and it’s inspiring everyone in the house to get creative.

But I’m wondering how to use its multitimberality with the Digitakt?

Is there some sort of multitimberal mode? I’m trying to get different MIDI channels responding to the Digitakt but only channel 1 is affected via the sequencing.

I’m trying to sequence multiple sounds using the Digitakt basically and could use your help to get other MIDI channels to respond.

Yes, it’s called Performance Mode.

If you haven’t done so already, download the manual for the A1 and read the first 12 pages. Page 32 will also be helpful.

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I went straight to the MIDI page and couldn’t understand a thing, guess I’m gonna have to give it a thorough read to get the most out of it.

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Nope, I have tried that but I only seem to be getting MIDI channel 1 to respond. As in, I get the same sound again if I select channel 1 but on a different MIDI track and nothing plays if I select MIDI channel 2.

Any ideas?

As you now know from reading page 32 of the manual, the NLA1 has four Slots (A, B, C, and D) for different sounds, each of which needs to have a different MIDI channel set in order to be sequenced.

What MIDI channel numbers have you set for the four Slots in the MIDI Menu, as described on page 31 of the manual?


So I tried going on the MIDI settings by pressing shift + B (midi) and flicked through A to D but they are displaying off and changing them by going in an anticlockwise direction and pressing shift, that fixed it


maybe my post here could help you with this.