Setting up my studio with Your help

Hello guys!
I’m struggling to set properly my home studio.
I need a diagram to help me figure how to connect my gear…

I have:
Yamaha mg10xu
Blackbox 1010Music
Ditto x4( I want to be able to loop all my stuff in there)
Walrus pedal( I plug my guitar or all my other stuff in it)
Microkorg Xl+

In fact I’m struggling with my mixer, I want to be able to connect all but also to be able to sample all of it in my blackbox but first in my looper ditto…
Anyway if someone coule help with a diagram it would be so helpful.

Thank you guys

which mixer do you have?

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You could plug the monitor out to you 1010

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I got you bro

Use the aux out from the mixer into the ditto
Ditto into the 1010
1010 to the monitors

On the mixer use the channel sends to route signal the looper. You should have enough inputs to plug in the rest of the kit.

Edit:. Or you could even route the 1010 back into the mixer
Mixer out to monitors. Just make sure not to aux send to the 1010. This is probably the correct signal flow.


hi, welcome to the community!

it seems you have an idea what you want to do with you setup, so please try to draw your own diagramm first, then show it here and we can help on details… i would start around the mixer whoch has 4 mono and 3 stereo ins and one send and go from there…


Yamaha mg10xu This is my mixer!

This sounds really good ! Thank you for your supreme amazing delightful help!!!

My mixer is kind of strange but I got stereo out and monitors out, i guess I could use the stereo out to go to ditto, thank you for you help I’ll try it!

Woaw the comunity in here is awesome!

Alright sounds good, thank you

I will try to draw something and I’ll post it, thanks a lot for your kind help, first time in here and I get already some feedback.


So I take it your Blackbox and MicroKorg are stereo, not sure about the PO33.

Here is one scenario:

-> Blackbox into your Line 5/6
-> MicroKorg into your Line 7/8
-> Guitar into your Line 1
-> PO-33 into your Line 2 (or 9/10 if it’s stereo)

Then connect your Mixer’s FX Send as follows:

-> FX Send to your Walrus Pedal
-> Walrus Pedal to your Ditto Looper
-> Ditto Looper to Blackbox IN

Now you can use the FX Send knob to send any or multiple signal(s) (Guitar, PO33, Blackbox, MicrKorg) through your Walrus Pedal, your Ditto Looper and finally your Blackbox INPUT.

I don’t own a Blackbox, but I assume you can monitor the audio that comes in (so you can hear that signal through your Blackbox in realtime). If it can’t (which would surprise me), you’d have to split the signal coming out of your looper and send one to the Blackbox IN (so you can sample) and the other back into your mixer (eg Line 3) so you can hear the FX Send signal.

Of course you can mix the FX chain around, eg if you prefer to loop stuff BEFORE you send it to the Walrus pedal, then you’d swap those. My thought here was: with the Walrus Pedal in that position you can loop/sample your signal with or without the Walrus effect applied to your signal, so to my mind it’s more flexible.

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not if the outputs of your ditto is on a channel on your mixer (feedback loop)

whoops didn’t saw that sorry

my bad

If you send Stereo Out to your looper, you won’t be able to separate the signals. So you’ll always send the full mix to your ditto. If that’s what you want, cool, but if you want to be able to e.g. loop the guitar but not the MicroKorg on the fly (that is: decide which signal should be sent to the looper in realtime), you will have to use your mixer’s FX send.

EDIT: also note that your mixer only has one Aux Send (the FX Send) which means you can’t go stereo into the walrus pedal / ditto looper / blackbox IN. To separate the signal stereo you’d need a mixer with at least two AUX Sends (or a stereo aux send). That said, it seems like the Blackbox samples mono (is this correct?), so in the end you don’t lose much anyway.

I was actually typing the same :wink: about it being mono
but I think that the blackbox samples stereo

An other option is to buy a patchbay :wink:
or another mixer like hausland is saying but that is more expensive :upside_down_face:

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Yeah I recently got myself a mixer AND a patchbay, now I feel like the Captain of my very own Starship Entreprise lol, infinite opportunities for exploration :slight_smile:


Lol lol lol

To boldly go where no musician has gone before :rofl:

Thank you very much for your help, i thought it would work but it is not working, :sob::sob::sob:

No sound is coming from the ditto into the blackbox, so frustrating

Have you tried trouble shooting?

Step 1: Unplug the ditto from your blackbox and plug the ditto into one of the free channels on your mixer. Is there a signal now? If so, the issue is with the Blackbox.

If not, we’ll have to look at the Ditto Looper’s wiring and settings.

Can you do this and let me know?

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I made a mistake with the walrus, ok i’ll try all again, yes the blackbox can in stereo…

I’ll try again the setup you advise me, I disn’t know this fx send input, really nice

I go back to my mixer… i saw that i can clock via midi, ditto and blackbox, but blackbox has clock and midi in and out, what’s the difference…

The “clock in/out” is for CV based equipment I believe. For your setup you want to use the Midi in/out.

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