Setting volume changes on 2 tracks simultaneously

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question about the performance mode on the Analog Four MK2.

How can I set the performance knob to lower a track’s volume, while at the same time raising the volume of another track?

I need to lower the volume of T1 while raising the volume of T2… effortlessly blending between two track voices during a performance.

Track volume seems to be missing in the macro knob list… and it seems one cannot access the parameters of other tracks - only the parameters of the current track are available.

This has to be possible… it’s essential!

Might have to go to amp section and you should be able to macro that
Think Trig volume is not possible to automate with macro


you can access different tracks on the same performance macro, just press down (not turn) the performance knob whose track you want to change - they all default to track 1, but can be set to affect any track.

Thanks for the tip kalin, it worked!

This will be the first performance macro I’ll be setting on the A4 MK2!