Setup advice

Hey everyone, looking for some setup advice while I’m building my production desk and going on an ergonomics kick.

I’m unfortunately thinking about selling my Analog Rytm MKII… I find its internal sound lends itself to techno, hard styles, D&B… I have an awesome tabla sample pack for it, so it can be versatile but that’s sample based and I already have a Digitakt.

I just feel I might be spreading my sound thin between the Digitakt, Rytm, and A4… I’m considering selling the Rytm for a used Digitone Keys for the polyphony as well as better MIDI implementation, and saving for other synths to sample.

I am a big fan of trip hop, downtempo, lofi, well made ambient, electro funk, R&B, house…

On my desk :

  • Digitakt
  • Moog M32, SubH, DFAM
  • patch bay I just got yesterday to make sampling Moog easier

Packed away but planned for future use when new desk is built :

  • Analog Four MKII
  • Novation Summit

The “in my dreams” gear wish list :

  • Used Digitone Keys (Digitone was my first electronic instrument)
  • Octatrack (for live processing purposes)
  • Analog Heat MKII (to process my digital gear)
  • Moog Matriarch Dark
  • Moog Subsequent 37 (After all this time I still prefer it to the Seq Pro 3)
  • Korg Arp 2600 Mini (speculated)

Should I sell it for the DNK + potentially Analog Heat or keep playing with it?

I suggest that you build your desk then use what you’ve got until you figure out what (if anything) your music would benefit from.


That’s true… I suppose I should’ve asked this when my new desk is built and the setup I actually have is complete. Really, I just have a Digitakt right now, plus gear to sample. I feel I definitely need the A4 and Summit when I can place them properly. I will ask after that. Thanks.

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