Setup midi to use keyboard?

I am planning a dawless setup and need to ask. In this setup, how should i connect midi to br able to play the virus from my analog keys?

Midi in>A4> midi thru
Midi in> AR> midi thru
Midi in>AK> midi thru (??)
Midi in>Virus ti

This wouldnt send midi from keys to virus right? Only put through the midi from the OT?
If i use midi out instead, it wouldnt put through the clock and transport from the OT right? Only the midi signal from the Keys?
Please help me think right here :slight_smile: Thanx!

The following connections will do what you want, and enable the AK to play all the other gear, and allow the OT to sequence all the other gear:

[li]AK Out to OT In[/li]
[li]OT Out to Virus In[/li]
[li]Virus Thru to AF In[/li]
[li]AF Thru to AR In[/li]
[li]AR Thru to AK In[/li]

Set the OT to send clock and transport.

Set the AK’s external MIDI channel to match the OT’s Auto channel.

Set the OT’s MIDI sequencer track channels to match the MIDI channels set for the Virus.

There will be some other setting up to do in terms of Global settings on each instrument, but this configuration will work.

Brilliant! Thanks a lot!!

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