Seven (AnalogFour tunes)

well it had me dancing my ass off around the room if it makes ya feel any better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Super! Love that hollow bass sound and the sid-esque lead, fun!

Thanks a lot guys.

I guess says a lot about the machine, that you can knock out a quick jam to show some tricks you’ve learned and it makes people dance.

I hope I can fit in a few hours to make another one this side of Xmas.

Thanks again.

Great-sounding track!

+1 , kudos. Dig the chippy blips.

This second recording is 100% A4 (apart from some master valve compression again). I wanted to get quick at creating variations of a pattern then jam with direct pattern changes and mutes, so I bypassed the synthesis part of the composition process and just played with slightly tweaked presets. The drums are all from the DRUMA collection.

If you’re not into Detroit techno, I recommend giving this one a miss. :wink:

Happy New Year everyone.

Have some A4 Moroder love!

The snare, hihats and toms are all one track, which is why it gets a bit clicky in places. The melody part is one track with OSC2’s tuning p-locked.

Re-recorded with the clicks fixed and the levels better.

See you in 2014.

Halloween came on New Year’s Day…

100% A4.
1000% John Carpenter.

Dig the Moroder track. :+1:

Thanks @PES. A friend of mine says the end of that track reminds him of the theme to Kickboxer.

Jean-Claude Van DANCE!

This likely to be the last of my A4-only jams, although I might squeeze out another one over the weekend before my modded Monotribes come back home. It’s not the best mixed or arranged tune ever but it sounds good loud!

Nice! Brings to mind some of Hot Chip’s stuff albeit a little darker.

Nice! Brings to mind some of Hot Chip’s stuff albeit a little darker. [/quote]
Cheers mate. I’ve never really given them a proper listen before. Perhaps I should!

First track since getting my two Monotribes upgraded. In case it’s not obvious, they’re doing the bass and meows. Everything else is A4.

One unedited take, with a bit of post-limiting. Best enjoyed in dungarees, doing that late 80s running-on-the-spot dance.

You’re being chased in an 1980s horror film. May as well throw in a few dance moves as you run.

Bass and lead on modded Monotribes. Everything else is A4.

Great works only with the A4!!! Thanks

tracks limited by A4 sound very nice