SFX-6 Joystick Weirdness

I have an SFX-6 acquired from eBay a while ago. It’s perfect in every way except one, the joystick.

The joystick directions don’t map to what they should do. For example when I press Right, Left is actually activated. And when I press Down, Right is activated. Here is exactly what is triggered when I move the joystick. Up is down, right is left, down is right and left is up.


U —O— L

At first I thought maybe the panel inside was rotated 90 degrees but as you can see this isn’t the case as the directions aren’t opposite from where they should be.

I put the machine in test mode and I get the following values when I press the joystick…

Up = 4B, 92
Right = 6B, BB
Down = 8B, 4D
Left = B6, 6B

I replaced the joystick inner part with one Elektron sent me but the issue remains. My only other option is to send it to Elektron but anyone who’s handled an SFX-6 know’s it’s a beast and would cost a fortune to ship from the USA to Sweden & back.

I’m really not sure what’s causing this; is it a software problem, is it hardware? I can sort of work round it by manually setting the joystick parameters to correct the issue. But… it would be great to hear from other SFX-6 users how their joystick works - especially the values in Test Mode.

Any help would be super appreciated.


Just bumping this, maybe someone can help. Anyone with an SFX-6? How is your joystick?