SFX-60+ means +Drive included, right?

I saw a for-sale posting on Muff Wiggler forums where someone’s selling a Monomachine MkII. The seller states “Non UW, Non +Drive”, but his picture shows it as SFX-60+.

Is the seller confused? I asked in this forum about +Drive in an earlier post because I had seen a couple Monomachines listed for sale without +Drive support but now I’m thinking some of the sellers might be confused, thinking of it as an addition that they never added themselves?

Anyways - I wanted to be sure that if I see a picture with a listing and the picture says “60+”, that means there’s a drive installed. This is the impression I get from glancing at the Monomachine manual. I doubt anyone would have it removed… right?

You never know. It could be a generic photo of a +Drive version. Always best to double check that a seller knows what they are selling.

plus drive could have been removed and been given to this ONE guy here on the forum who bought a +drive for the MD, or MM and put in into the MD… please familiarize urself with the boot up test screens where it will check for internal guts of the MM …

Good points. I asked the original seller for clarification.

I should not be looking at these. I’ve still got lots of Machinedrum learning to do but I’m seriously considering selling all but sliver of Eurorack modules to put towards a Monomachine.