SH-101 "Rim Trigger" Sequencing via Analog Rytm


New member here as I recently got my Rytm. So hello everyone.
Very much enjoying it so far but I’m having a little issue.

Just wondering if anyone has successfully synthesised a “rim trigger” pulse like the TR-909/707 used to clock an SH-101 via it’s Ext Clk Input?

I tried having a go and the SH-101 responded to the signal but it didn’t work 100% correctly (it’d skip notes and make some strange noises). I also recorded my 909’s rim trigger output as a sample and ran a cable from one of the Rytm’s external outputs to the 101 but I couldn’t get that working properly either.

Any advice much appreciated. To be honest if someone’s got a working rim trigger sample I can use I’d be more than happy with that.


Just keep the level low its a click input so it should work with almost any trig but to be sure try my old upload!

Brilliant thankyou. I’ll try this out tonight!

I’ve put my Acidlab Miami and 909 away and I’m devoting all my time to learning this little box inside out. Just need it working with my SH-101… with the Rytm’s micro-timing and different swing options I figure I should be able to make some funky synth-lines with it :).

had my AR hooked to my former Polysix … did not work always, but sometimes. (had the Ar BT5 track as a trigger, iIrc)

bear in mind the individual outs are stereo, do you might get the L and not R if u use a mono cable
got AR and sh101 here too… if u still have problems let me know, i will trouble shoot with you …
would rather not use a sample but a AR machine (because samples and TrabanT are not friends :slight_smile: )

Thanks, I’ll let you know how I get on tonight.
I’m using half of an insert cable to take the output from the AR, which is the recommended way I believe?

I had to turn the track volume all the way up, and the overdrive to about 40-something, but that sample works perfectly. Nice one!

The 101 sounds quite wonderful swinging in time with the Elektron sequencer. Very happy indeed :).

glad it worked out for you! …
u also happen to have a A4 ? … man I am having a good time using the trigs to sequence the SH, and at the same time bring in some more variation by using the A4 arp !!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !

my sh has actually a mod, that allows me to change the filter via CV as well … not that I would use this very often…but hey, you know throw an LFO at a filter that is usually only accessible by a hand touching a fader, and using an arp digitally controlled at the same time … cant believe I considered selling her a week ago… what was I thinking!
hey Binman UK … want a battle? you vs me, AR plus SH101, no samples max 3 minutes… :slight_smile: … maybe we will find a third contestant here on the forum ???

sounds good but i need to spend a bit more time with the rytm to do any kind of meaningful performance on it:). give me a few weeks and youve got yourself a deal!

nice result. it works with the OT and MDUW too

the SH101 Sequencer, Arp and CV Gate are slowed by the processing lag of about 3-4ms so early offsetting the trig by 1 micro step should bring it back into lockstep with the RYTM , play around :slight_smile:

The old Korgs need an inverted trigger to work reliably & in time. That trig sample can be easily inverted using a sample editor software :slight_smile:

I have a 101 & the AR as well.

I tried this but couldn’t seem to get it to work. Likely user error…

Downloaded the 606 trigger pulse and loaded into the AR.

I could hear the 606 pulse coming out of the AR when triggered.
When I plug in a cable to the 101 it cuts off the sequencer straight away (while its playing), unplugging the cable and the sound comes back in.

I jacked up the volume on the 606 trigger and tried to overdrive it as Binny described above.
Played around with the cable trying to see if I was getting a connection.

(The cable should work as its a mono cable I bought specifically for use with my Pro-One.)

Still no dice. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

the output of the individual out is mono… if u happen to select the wrong channel on your mono cable the input of the SH will hear nothing …
here ya go:
trigger sample on 2 tracks (cranked up overdriven …make sure track routing is correct and no OB mode for now)
1x pan left
1x pan right
now try both individual outs to trig the SH
report your findings… I may try tonight if u want me to, and I have time… cheers bro!

What i did when i had an MD and the OT is i used a sample of the TR-707 trigger pulse. Worked like a charm! Just run it out of one of the aux outputs.

Right thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ll have another poke at it again later today or tomorrow. Thanks

Followed the instructions above still haven’t managed to get this to work. Must be making a mistake somewhere along the way.

r u in over bridge mode?
track routing?
tried 2 different cables?
u checked with headphones that there is actually sound coming out of the indiv output?

answer each question please sir!

u know u still have to start a sequence in the sh and press play, or use the hold`?

just tried with BT5 and BD1 … nothing … cant trig my SH …ext clk does not react! .
wont try with samples because I dont like samples (as ya all probably already know)

would you mind specifying ur exact settings please? … also cables, where they are plugged in, which tracks, etc …cheers