Shallower A4/Keys LFO Depth query

As everyone is probably aware, only OSC2 on the A4/Keys has a vibrato function… but when trying to use the LFO to create vibrato on OSC1 even the tiniest amount of depth creates huge fluctuations. Is it possible a firmware update could provide a way to generate more subtle LFO depth possibilities? I’m talking about the ability to more easily use LFO’s to modulate by a few cents/hz… not a few semitones… would be nice!

I won’t actually move this to correct thread
because neither request is called for - both exist currently

Vibrato affects both oscillators already
Depth can be set super subtly on the A4 LFO targeting cents worth of depth - the depth is greater than 7bit, so don’t dial in values exceeding 1, keep it below 1 where there’s a lot of resolution

Is Fine (aot coarse) not a target as well, cannot look right now, but still shouldn’t be needed

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