Share Efficient Ways to Prep Samples (includes all Elektron Samplers)

So I posted this in Octatrack, but this is also open for all sampling units.

Wondering if everyone could share quick and efficient ways on how they prep a batch of sample files for their samplers.

Trying to find a better way to pull a large samples from ableton neatly and uniform for the OT & AR.

Usually I just stem export each individual track with each individual sample from ableton and put it in a “kit folder”. I find it easier to make set kits or drum kit files vs. having large designated folders for sample types (BD folder, Snare Folder, Loops folder).

I also start each sample file with a label to what the sample is and use like this:
BD = Kick
SN = Snare
CHN = chain
Syn = synth note


Still a time consuming process though. But makes it all easy in the end

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I mostly use Samplitude as audio editor, especially to “correct” slices from loops with varying tempo, then I make “perfect” slices with OT slice grid function.

Samplitude has a really efficient tool to time-stretch and move audio parts, with grid magnetism.
Curious about Ableton way to do it…

I cut slices at zero crossings and move / timestretch them.

I also recommend Wavosaur, Octachainer and Octaedit…

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