Share your custom cases/racks/boxes here!

I couldn’t find a dedicated thread for people to show off their custom builds that hold all their Elektron gear, just lots of one off threads with some fantastic pieces. I’m always looking out for creative inspiration for when my buddy and I make our carry cases for gear. I’ll start us off.

First case was just a briefcase with velcro.


The second box I made (and first with my buddy in his woodshop) was meant to hold 2 of the original boxes (of which I now have none, haha). It has a sliding kickstand so it doesn’t tip over, and the lid is completely removable. The boxes mount in with custom rack ears that screw into rails inside the box.

IMG_20180106_163404859 IMG_20180106_163409826

Our latest build we did this past Saturday after not having hung out since last March before COVID. I made my own Digitaonkte! We measured out the VESA mount screws so the boxes are attached to the case. I still need rubber feet and some latches to keep the lid in place when traveling. It’s made of ash.

20210509_184302 20210509_184310 20210509_184316

Let’s see those creations!!


Thats great, i was looking for something to hold boxes together. Nice idea

Pedalboards count?

It’s actually a Temple Audio Trio 21 pedalboard (with all power supplies and cabling routed underneath) with the A4 in a Fraction Industries 45 degree stand, and a custom VESA mount thing for the DN… just happened to bolt right up.


That’s badass! Did you paint your cases white?

They’re skins from Styleflip. My DN was the protoype for them and they made and installed it for free.

Oh cool!



That is insanely cool. Did you build it yourself? Can you show the back of it? This is fantastic.

Thanks! I build them myself. What started as a hobby, i made my job. I also make custom dust covers!
Unfortunately I have no pictures of the back. What would you like to see in that picture? Maybe i can post another picture.

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That A4 top panel looks mighty familiar :wink:

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It does! But actually not yours :slight_smile:




I’d love to see how the rails move to allow for the shelves to change angles (I assume that’s what’s happening).

Hah, reporting in!

This is probs the best post to reference: I'm building the ultimate portable music box - #47 by TRAINTRACS

And the video:

It’s been serving me extremely well! I’m planning a new iteration of it at the moment.


Oh hell yeah. I mean, your box is kind of like the Batmobile of boxes. It’s absolutely amazing.

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That’s one beautiful stand! Great job!

I will be in my workshop this week, and take some pictures of another stand wich work similary.

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Thomann/Thon custom case with removable lid. I put several layers of high density foam and cut out the spaces for the machine (leaving additional room at the botton).