Shortcut key to see all parameters values on that page?


To see a single parameter value I normally use:

Press and hold a [PARAMETER] key to see the values for all parameters on that page.

However it just shows the single value for that parameter which last for just a few seconds. My eyes are not the best and I wondered if there is a why I can preview all the values of a page at once?


Press the respective ‘page’ button down to see all parameter values


Thanks! I’ve been pressing all the buttons but not long enough it seems.

I search through the manual, but must of missed it.

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I’ve never read it in a manual, i only know as it was my feature suggestion … added to A4 and all since :wink:


It’s a game changer for me, thanks again, I knew I’d seen someone mention it and have spent all morning trying to locate this option.

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