Sidechain with RNC from Headphone OUT

So I have the Octatrack in studio mode because I’m using the cue out as a send for a hardware verb that goes into a FMR RNC compressor. I have the Headphone Mix set to -64 so the RNC only hears the Main outs. Will this work? Anyone else with a similar setup for ducking the cue outputs?

I duck my stereo mix with the RNC, and use one single diverted audio channel, like a kick drum, as the sidechain input on RNC. Are you trying to duck only one or two elements with RNC, as opposed to your whole mix?

I would have Octatrack’s Main Outs going into the RNC L/R input, and then Octatrack’s headphone out going into the sidechain input of the RNC, because you’d then have a real-time level control of your sidechain key signal. Make sure the headphone mix only listens to the CUE mix bus of Octatrack.

Then any channel you wish to use as the “sidechain key”, like a kick drum, you just hold down CUE and select it, pulling it out of the main mix.

Then of course, that sidechain key signal, in this case the kick drum, will also be going out the CUE OUTS of Octatrack, and you can use a simple passive mixer, like an ART SplitMix to mix the dry kick (from the CUE output) and the ducked, post RNC stereo mix back together.

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Hmm, I suppose ducking using just the kick and snare would be better than the whole mix but I like to keep studio mode so I can use the cue level as sends to a reverb pedal.

Should the RNC LED meter show the gain reduction signal of the sidechain input (e.g. kick) or the input of what is getting ducked (e.g. the reverb mix)?

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Also, you’re supposed to use a TRS to dual TS y cable right? With the Ring TS going into the sidechain of the RNC and the TRS into the headphone out? It seems the RNC only works if I plug “one click” into the sidechain with the Ring TS and no all the way.

RNC as with most compressors shows the amount of gain reduction of the actual signal being squashed/reduced…aka the ducked signal, the compressed signal, the stuff other than the kick and snare

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Yeah I can’t remember the exact jack config on RNC, i think I put stuff into only the first click, at that point I get impatient and just want to start making beats hahah

yes, only the first click, as it works like a send return track for the signal, as it says on the back. tip out, ring in or something.

I’ve been watching too much news…saw the headline and wondered what the hell the Republican National Convention had to do with sidechaining. :zonked:

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