Signalflow Overbridge/A4 PostFX/PreFX

Hello everybody,

I finally found time to dive into Overbridge and started to configure Ableton like Cenk did on youtube (1 Midi Track for Overbridge VST, 5 Audio Tracks for Trk1-4 and FX).
I am wondering why it doesn’t make a difference between “Audio from: Pre FX” and “Audio from: Post FX” in the FX Channel in Ableton. Shouldn’t I only hear FX if audio is grabbed Post FX?
Would be really nice if somebody can explain me in detail, I HAVE to understand this :joy:


this is only relevant when you already have some effects on the channel you grab the audio from…has nothing to do with the fx in the A4…

heres something you might be interrested in:

Aaah, thanks, switchbox, this makes it clear now!