Silent/ dead voices (mk2)

Some voices suddenly dont work. Last few weeks it happened with different voices like pad 1 (left bottom pad 1), hh (left top pad 9), But also with the delay. I dont know why, even with the sequencer Or Just by hitting the pads… no sound. Even after deleting all Parys of the sound… When first there is no problem, suddenly the voice is dead :frowning:

When selecting another kit, the voice is not dead in the new kit
But When going back
It is still dead

no one?

well, I guess there could be too many reasons behind “voices don’t work in a specific kit” for people to chime in

synth voices? sample voices? any trig mutes you didn’t consider? track volume all the way up? any scenes active that could mute the sound? Which OS (there were some issues regarding dead voices in 1.45A if I remember correctly)? … You get the idea, right?

There isn’t any hardware - related error going on, considering that the pads do respond when you load a new kit, I guess :relieved:

So, I guess you could copy the sound of the corrupted kit into a new, working kit to check out if it is sound related, maybe? :thinking: Definitely do the upgrade to the latest OS if you haven’t done so by now.

Well, if we two would be havin’ a beer and discussing this specific issue, I would just say that if the corrupted kit isn’t the only one that matters on the whole machine and all others are working perfectly fine as they should, then I would forget about it :grimacing:

But that’s just my 2 cents and I hope the “but it is a very expensive machine and everything should be working perfectly” - party won’t be all over me for this, but I tend to see things pragmatically as long as my purchases deliver overall satisfying results.

cheers and sorry for not being able to help you out, I hope the rytm is giving you some nice beats nonetheless



I hope I do something wrong
but I have the rytm already for 4 years

when it happens again, I will shoot a video


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I’ve just noticed that my BD/Kick synth voice is dead but samples are playing fine on that track. I did a search for similar experiences and your thread turned up. Have you found a way to solve this issue?

There’s a few things it could be.

Amp env settings
Trig page settings (synth and or sample voice set not to trigger) this is a pattern issue not a kit issue
Track routing issues (route to main turned off for voice xyz)
Voice volume setting stored in a scene or performance.

Without seeing your setup I can’t tell you what the issue could be