Simple looper with a-b section?

Hi there,

it’s again something with looping that bugs me.
Is there any way to do the following? I have to tracks that I wanna use for live guitar looping (tr6 and tr7). Those two tracks are my a- and b-section of my song. Now everytime I play/overdub tr6 I want tr7 to be muted. When I jump to the b-section (tr7) I want the other tr/section muted.
I got the fanciest of all midi foot controller on earth (RJM Mastermind GT) but still haven’t found a way to do so. I can send different messages with one footstep to all kinds of devices. But I have no clue how to achieve what I want.

I already have problems with cc 52 track arm. Nothing happens! Track mute works but track arm doesn’t…


…sorry, it’s just me again telling you that you can’t expect simple looper functions from your 1300 bucks machine…er, hmm, yet.

I will make it work! :wink:

Maybe they work on an update if we insist on this function…

…in hope we trust…at least you’re not alone with this…

there are MANY MANY MANY MANY people waiting for this to happen…

i repeat myself…hey, elektron, get your homework done…and make an ot update first priority right after overbridge…

and maybe you guys are big enough by now to think about little, dedicated constantly working os teams for EACH OF YOUR products…

Does the following thread help?

CC52 triggers the ALL ARM to arm one-shots. The midi CC doesn’t quite work the same as the enter button (all arm) on the octatrack because it gets disabled after it hits the first trigger, even if you hold it… where the enter button keeps triggering one shots as long as you hold it
You are probably better off using cc 61 (in AB rec), 62 (in CD rec), or 63 (src 3 rec)
I have never used the picup machines and I have never had a problem creating perfect loops on the octatrack. I use flex track recorders and qlen settings.
My $1300 machine loops just fine.

edit: If you are in record mode on a track cc52 only works on that track (i think)

Couldn’t you use two different patterns for this?

My Octatrack is one of the few instruments I have bought new (read, money direct to Elektron’s pocket) and just yesterday I submitted an order for a new Analog Keys which marks the single largest instrument purchase I have made to date. While I do not have the same wants in the OT as others do (really looking for MIDI scenes for one) I would love to see these other issues resolved as I may want a proper looper at some point and it would be nice if the functionality was there. It also pains me to see posts like this all over this sub forum.
From working around software development teams, I would say a team for OS development on each product is overkill especially with the MD and MnM pretty much being feature complete. Elektron seems to be big enough to have a dedicated team working on the newer products and new features while another team works on sustaining the OS’s of the more mature boxes.

a new pattern is a good idea. thanks. still i would love to find a workaround with two different tracks, because i want to make changes with the other tracks and then switching to a new pattern would make things much more complicated…

Maybe CC49 (track mute) if you’ve got more room on your foot controller to assign functions.
Then you could have to mutes for each track right over the track selects on your foot controller.

Yeah, working with track mute right now. Still not perfect. If you switch a bit before the beat you will have the old loop muted before starting recording the new one. The best would be to activate/deactivate the according triggers. But I can’t manage this to work…


Now I’m lost, thought there are no recording triggers for pickup machines.
midi note 61 on ch 11 will trigger IN AB recording for active track
midi note 62 on ch 11 will trigger IN CD recording for active track
midi note 64 on ch 11 will trigger pickup play/stop for active track
midi note 66 on ch 11 will mute active track
midi CC 49 (0 value = no mute 1-127 = mute) will mute any track by sending that CC to the midi ch. assigned to those tracks.
I just fired up the pickup machines for the first time and used my quneo template (modified to send play/stop instead of combo record I think) and it seemed to work peachy.
I could record, overdub, and overwrite to the pickup machine.

edit: Ok, I see now there are recording triggers for the pickup machines (no playback sequencer triggers)… wouldn’t these defeat the purpose of using your feet to control things??

Aaahh, good that you found out about that. I forgot about the Auto channel…

I’m not sure where you’re having issues.

I have no issues using my octatrack as a looper in the way you are looking to use it.

I use flex machines and one shot recorder triggers however.

I use either a berringer FCB1010 or an Axiom 49 to “ARM” the track i’d like to use as a looper and it starts to record when the sequencer hits the one shot trigger which I usually keep on the 1.

and then for your purposes another pattern could have a play back trigger on track 7 and not on 6 and vice versa with recorder triggers.

I hope that makes sense or helps you.


Hi Ma-Chew

sorry, for this belated reply. I was on the road and very busy.
I have a question about activating the recording triggers via footcontroller. It seems this is what you are doing/suggesting. How can I do this?
Besides this your ideas are awesome!

Check out the Appendix in the back of the manual… Page C-1 and C-2 Midi Control Reference, its got the whole list of controls for the pickup machines.

I’m sending mine all on the auto channel (i think :slight_smile:

Thanks. The tutorial needs to be on the table ALWAYS!!!

Here is another confused question (please forgive me):

Let’s say I’m using flex machines and use kind of an overdub mode (sampling the input ab channel which is the incoming guitar + source3 as the track resampler). Now I would love to achieve this: i record a loop with the guitar… I overdub… I would love to replace what I recorded/overdubbed!!! And all this with a foot controller. With hands on the machine this is already pretty complicated in my opinion, but I have no clue for the midi foot controls…

If you could help me with that I’d be extremely happy!

There are tons of tutorials on Youtube, check 'em out… that’s how I learned everything I know :wink:

I meant the manual :wink: But the tutorials are excellent indeed!

My problem with the OT is that it’s so complex that you often learn a new thing and forget about two old skills…

For instance this: Is it possible to have a pattern playing and sample on top of it without the timing and trigger of the sequencer and let it play back freely on top of the loop?

Midi notes 64 and 66 (amongst others) work for all tracks if you send it on the appropriate channel, not just active track. So if your fancy controller can sequence messages then it can be done by sending 66 note on the channel assigned to track six or seven first. Hope to cover this and more on an upcoming pickup machines how-to thread