Simple one shot trig?

Hey. I’m trying to play a 3 min long sample with a one shot trig. How do I do it. Read the manual…followed forum threads and no luck. I’ve got the sample on a static machine on track 1 …all the instructions say hold function and press the trig to turn it into a one shot trig. I guess that means go into grid record mode, place a trig for the sample, then hold function and press the trig again. Doing this and nothing happens. Playback mode = tracks. What am I missing to get my sample to play through?


yeah so one-shot trigs need to be activated… otherwise they wouldn’t be one-shot, they’d just be trigs :slight_smile:

  • when you enter the one-shot trig (function + trig) is the trig then flashing orange/red?

to activate:

  • hit [REC] to enter grid mode
  • hit the correct [TRACK] button
  • hit [FUNC] + [YES] to activate.

the next time the sequence passes the trig it should play. you’ll need to do it again if you want it to re-trig.

(btw i’m just telling this from memory so if any other high level users wanna correct me, please feel free to chip in :slight_smile: )


After searching the forums n net I found this thread -
"Have you set the trig to be OneShot?
you set an existing trig by pressing FUNCT+TRIG and it starts blinking…after it has been triggered by the sequencer it becomes yellow then it won’t get triggered after the next patterns repeats. You can activate it back pressing FUNCT+YES while in Grid Mode and on that "
Not working for me. I have a 3 minute song as a sample loaded into a static machine on trk 1. I’m in tracks playback/trig mode.To test this I have my scale set up to 16/16 or 16 steps /one page. I make sure track 1 is selected, go into grid record, place a trig for the sample on step (A T1), play it and my 3 min sample plays and starts over at the end of the 16 steps. I then do what the manual and everyone says…in grid record (also tried not in grid record) i hit function + the A T1 trig key and nothing happens. It doesnt turn yellow…flash…nothing. It continues to start over each time. I can’t make my existing trig a one shot trig. Very frustrating. Let me know what I’m missing.
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Not sure if its relevant but to set the one shot trigs, you press function and tap a trig, long presses don’t seem to work. I get caught out by this regularly :wink:


Oh wow. That did it. Jesus. Had to quickly tap it. Thank you Djenzyme.

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Goddamit I’ve been searching for aaaages for this nugget of info, cheers!


Not working at all on my OT MK2
to set the one shot trigs, pressed function and tap a trig–it turns green but is not triggering my static sample
Ive armed track by pressing yes
Any clues ? thanks in advance

hold function and tap a trig.

not sequential button presses… right?

One Shot Trigs are orange.
Trigless Locks are apples.

Create a regular red trig.
Hold function and tap that red trig in order to change it to a One Shot Trig.

You want to be able to arm your OS trigs ?
Maybe 1st TRC is better in your case…


Thanks got it working have to double tap STOP button on transport before pressing play and my one shot triggers work as expected —without double tap no go

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thanks got it working as per above

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I don’t think so. Arm selected track with Yes, in grid recording.
Arm all tracks with grid recording off.
In personnalize menu you can disable Yes / Arm.
Replaced by Fn + Yes.
You can also arm pressing the OS trig.

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DUDE! I was looking around SO MUCH to figure out what the heck was going on! This bit of information was what saved me!