Simplest stem player


I have a need to play long samples/stems and have them trigger to be in time with other things that are going on.

Don’t say Octatrack it’s too much cash for what I need :slight_smile:

I want to bring some piano into my sets. I can’t play live (not lugging it around plus I get nervous) so would like a way to trigger 4-8 minute pieces. I’d record them in time to the part of the set im on, so I just need them to trigger at the correct time.

You could imagine I was riffing with some drum based loops and then at the next start point of the sequence id want the piano to come in. I’d trigger it, up it comes, crowd goes wild… :wink:

1010 Blackbox?

Stem length only limited by size of SD card and can trigger in time with ADSR envelope


Traktor D2 with Traktor in a computer.

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SP-404(SX/A) may work for you.


Gonna assume there’s an app for this


Another vote for 1010Music Blackbox from me.

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I use an iPhone app called Sampl for similar purposes. Super easy to use, works well.


Thank you all. Hadnt thought about an app but if I can sync it, happy days.

Would love a 404 though…

I think there’s a way to sync to ableton using ableton link? (Never tried it tho) I guess if ur using abelton may as well just use that tho:p

If u wanna go dawless I think a lot of music can accept midi sync via USB midi.

Samplr is supposed to be great but not sure how long the samples can be

The akai mpx16 plays stereo samples, has decent memory and samples can be triggered by midi… And, I happen to have one for sale in the marketplace on this forum :wink:


You’re alright :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some brand new 404s for sale in Japan for cheap. May do the import tax gamble.

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itunes or one of those soundboard apps on your phone