Simultaneous Pattern changes on MnM and MD

Hi all,

Been all night trying to figure this out - I have a MonoMachine MII and a MachineDrum MKII hooked up with MonoM as Master - I want when I change a pattern on the MnM (from A1 to A2 for instance) to change the MD from A1 to A2. So timing is perfect during a performance. Any help on doing this or other suggestions around tight pattern changes on two or three Electron boxes would be much appreciated - sorry If this has been covered before.


The Elektron instruments use MIDI Program Change messages to change patterns automatically.

Use a MIDI cable to connect the Monomachine’s MIDI Out port to the Machinedrum’s MIDI Input.

In one of the Machinedrum’s Global setting slots:

  • In the CONTROL > PRG CHANGE menu, set Prg Change In to ‘On’, and set Channel to a number of your choice (for example, 5)
  • In the SYNC > TEMPO IN menu, set Tempo Source to ‘External’
  • In the SYNC > CTRL IN menu, set Ctrl In to ‘On’

In one of the Monomachine’s Global settings slots:

  • In the CONTROL > CONTROL OUT 2 menu, set Transport to ‘Out’, set MIDI Clock to ‘Out’, set Prg Change to the same channel number as you set for the MD previously.

Give that a try and let us know how it goes.


Hey Peter - sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: that worked a treat - thanks for taking the time to write instructions!