Single cycle sample pitch issue

I have an issue with single cycle samples in the Digitakt, i was wondering if anybody has encountered the same.

I have been making some single cycle samples from a synth, sampling into my computer the C of each octave from C0 to C7, and then trimming the sample to make it single cycle. Once i upload them into the Digitakt however, and load them into an audio track (with fwd loop play mode), for some reason samples from C0 to C3 sound correct and pitch correctly chromatically, but samples from C4 to C7 do not pitch correctly. They sound almost atonal and do not respond to pitch changes. This is on the same audio track as the C0-C3 samples were, no change in any parameters other than the sample itself.

I have double checked the samples themselves by loading them into a Sampler instrument in Ableton and they sound and pitch correctly. I have no idea why this is happening in the Digitakt, has anybody experienced this or something similar? i am a bit at a loss. thank you!!

I have not experienced this, but I’ll give you my best guess.

Since every next sample you load is an octave above the previous, it’s also half the size.
I don’t know if there is a minimum size sample the Digitakt can handle, but you can try doubling the amount of cycles for each octave you go up(starting at C4) to increase the sample size.

If it doesn’t help, at least you can rule out sample size as the problem.

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I have an alternate suggestion to DreamXcape’s, but I’m not sure if I’m correct. Digitakt’s note range is limited. From the root note you can only go down 2 octaves and only go up one octave in chromatic mode. Anything beyond those ranges, even if you use the Tune knob in SRC will be limited.

I don’t think OP is suggesting turning the Tune knob. Only that the raw samples in the higher ranges do not play back properly (probably, as @DreamXcape suggested, because the samples are just too short).