Single input TRS stereo - will this Y splitter work?


Trying to go dual TRS 1/4" into the single jack input on Meris pedals (TRS stereo).

So I figure I’ll need a Y splitter cable. Will this one work?

It has 2x female TRS 1/4" jacks (labelled tip and ring) and a male TRS 1/4" at the other end (which would go into the pedal TRS stereo input).

If this will work, anyone know which jack is left and which is right? (tip vs ring)


– sorry scrap this –

To me it looks like the female side is 2x TS, not TRS. And the male side is is TRS which is exactly what you d need.

Tip is likely left, but that s easy to find out…

what makes you say it’s TS?

I think tip is left as well. I don’t actually have the pedal yet, so can’t test it.

because of the tip and ring labels. both are TS with the signal at tip. The one labelled with “tip” connects its tip to the tip of the male TRS jack. The one labeled “ring” connects its tip to the ring of the male jack.

Can t be sure without having it in my hands but i m a sound technician and i d be much surprised if it were otherwise.


Screw open the plug , if possible, and you can check for yourself

Thanks man. I think I’ll just pick one of these up.

But again don’t know what’s left and right, but that’s an easy test.

That s not what you want. you want 2x TS female > 1x TRS male.

The adapter you posted first is fine.


I agree with dtr - the cable you already have is 2xTS to TRS and is what you want. And Right = Ring = Red (usually).

Do not use a splitter cable to sum two stereo signals together into one. It’s called a splitter not a joiner. The description in your link says it “This cable is designed to duplicate a stereo signal.” I.e. turn one stereo signal into two copies of the same signal.

What are you actually trying to do? Combine two mono signals to stereo, or sum two stereo signals?

Oh cool, thanks.

Ah, it does say that indeed. Thanks for your input

Yes I want to send one left and one right mono TRS signals into a single TRS stereo input on the Meris pedal, and then go out of the pedal again with 2 separate TRS cables (left and right) and finally into my interface

Ok found my cable. And the description says it all “It has 1/4 inch TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TSF. It may also be used to adapt a stereo cable with mono phone plugs to a stereo phone jack.” bingo right?


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Question is, TRS (not TS) cables into the TSF inputs ok?

Yes. The female TS sockets don’t have any contacts to touch the ring of the TRS jack.

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Thanks you dudes