Single powering options for multiple devices

Dear Elektron:
We need a single large power supply* with many connections. This chaos is annoying.

*Even better: a big rechargeable battery


A multi-point power supply, with the ability to switch the outs between 12v and 6v so it works with the whole range, would be super useful!

Chuck a couple USB power connections on there for good measure.

Call it The Elektronator

A good call for The new “very different” Elektron wild speculation thread 2022


To solve that mess, I know have 2x12V psu and a 6V PSU ready to plug on the table :slight_smile:
And really happy that this 12V Elektron PSU works fine with the Boog Model D, Cats, Pro1 ! Happy accident !

I use a Palmer supply for my guitar pedals, would it do the trick?

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so that partially solved one side of the problem. very satisfying.
I hope the fire department doesn’t come.
in one construction I now have 3 amperes on the plug, 2.5 A are permitted. well, the other one only has 2.25 A

Great! Thanks!
Do they have enough power?
Electron takes a lot due to the analog components.

Well at least everything has the same power supply! :stuck_out_tongue:
Analog Four, Syntakt, Digitakt and Digitone all came with the Elektron PSU-3c.

But yeah, it would be cool …


Guitar power supplies put out 9 volts, Digitakt etc need 12.

Some guitar supplies also have one or two 12v outputs, but typically can’t supply enough current (amps) for high-draw digital gear.

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There have to be alternatives out there. :slight_smile:

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How about something like this?

It’s a dodgy brand but apparently:

Output 1 - 3: 9 V / 12 DC @ max. 300 mA (individually isolated)
Output 4 - 5: 9 V / 18 DC @ max. 300 mA (individually isolated)

okay this is awesome. but what about a multi out power supply that can change voltage AND polarity. :ooh:

A Digitakt needs 1A and this devices seems to send only 300mA.
I assume the other Elektron boxes must require similar electric current.

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This thread has opened my eyes to just how much juice these Elektron boxes require. Can’t seem to find anything that has enough grunt to power multiple Elektrons. Even the Strymon Ojai and Zuma aren’t enough. The Walrus Audio Aetos and Phoenix only deliver up to 300mA. Remarkable how Birdcord managed to get Elektrons working from a USB power bank.

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Hop on ebay or amazon and search for ‘c8 to c7 splitter’ I’ve beeen using one like. I bought it at the beginning of the year to consolidate my live setup and it has been working like a charm!


So this is something I’ve wanted for a long time because yeah, it can get messy… the best theoretical option I’ve found is a good multi-output USB-C PD charger, one capable of delivering 12v power. Then you can use the usb-c to barrel jack 12v “trigger” cables to give it 12v power with no power conversion needed than what the charger supplies.

The problem is that there aren’t many USB-C chargers that actually output the 12v natively on more than one or two connections, along with actually being able to deliver all that power at once - 12v is relatively uncommon in USB power delivery.

i have no idea how well this would work in practice, but it’s the only thing I’ve found close to a “universal” DC power supply for multiple devices that can’t just run off of 5v/2a USB, and I know that any one the new trinity is perfectly happy running off of those trigger cables if your charger meets the needed spec - it may be different or noisier if you are running more than one at the same time.

I don’t use many devices at once, I just want one damned DC power supply that can power whatever I need.

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Also, the DT/DN don’t typically draw the full 1A they are rated for. I think that’s mostly power-on surge it’s rated for. In actual use, it’s probably closer to 300 to maybe 500ma.

Now the syntakt and other 2A/12v boxes with more analog components, the ones that run hot to the touch - those absolutely need the 2A rating.

Part of the reason the digital boxes even draw that much is that the power cost of using a CPU and other components that are 12 years old at this point (like the coldfire cpu pretty much every elektron box uses) is much higher than anything more modern. Lots of power efficiency gains in that time.

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It’s not so much that they draw a ton of power. It’s that analog guitar pedals draw so little, and that’s what the basic multi power supplies are designed for.

The Strymon’s are made for digital pedals too, but those are still frugal compared to synths and samplers.

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I’ve provisioned many PSUs myself throughout the years. Quality is of course always a question when sourcing a power supply, but the rest is simple. I’ve never had a problem with “switching type” ac/dc PSUs from Amazon. I also build audio cables, stage boxes and snakes. I get all my connectors, wire and such from Parts Express.

Voltage. Must match; 9v pedals need a 9v supply; 12v devices need a 12v supply. This is actually not a precise measurement but a general range, but the label is all that matters.

Amps, PSU must have more amps than is required. So if one device ned 300ma, and you add two more with the same 300 you need a PSU at 1amp. 10 amps would be okay too, but you don’t need to spend the money.

And of course the wire matters too. Again, like amps it must be able to supply the full demand, so in any case it should be “stranded”, not a solid wire. When you look at the wire feeding the PSU it will be bigger than the many wires coming off the PSU to feed the many devices. So the size wire I use to build a wire harness to connect all my gear is no bigger than the wire on that units dedicated PSU. 24 gauge I think.

The next thing, and this is where most people get anxious, are connections. Fortunately all of this is standard and usually clearly documented so if you can read at a fourth grade level you can wire most basic electrical connectors.

I lived on a boat for years, and I wired one 9v and 12v PSUs for all of my gear with ac/dc PSUs I bought off Amazon. Never any problem whatsoever. I also wired the whole system to get power directly from my battery bank( 12v dc).

Municipal electricity is more than 100 years old. It’s in no sense “complex” by today’s standards. It’s as simple as it reads actually. There are no “ghosts in the machine”, so all you need to to is trust yourself to know the difference between red and black, or + or -. And you need at least a 60 second attention span…


I got one of these to power my Digi trio. It works well, but all the machines restart when you turn another one on. The workaround is to have them all switched on, the plug in the power.

Check Сioks DC7. Apparently it can power 2x Digis, an A4/AR, a Microcosm and a medium sized eurorack all at once. They will power up but how they will perform with audio playing is a question. Check this video showing different setups with it. It’s in Russian and there are no English subtitles but auto-translated ones should suffice.

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