Slave Analog Keys to MPC instead Daw?

Hi dear elektronauts!

I want to use Overbridge and still be able to send a Midi SartSignal from my MPC to my AK.
Right now the AK ist just accepting the overbridge Signal if both are connected.

I could make Ableton the Slave and Send Midi from my MPC to Ableton and the AK would play but that seems to be a bad Idea.

Does Anybody knows if and how its possible?

Thanks for any Help!

How is your MPC connected? Is it a Live/X using USB? Older MPCs would have one midi out to AK, and another going to The midi IN of your audio interface, so when you hit play on the akai it should start both the AK and ableton.

There could be a few different possibilities.

its a mpc 1000 its connected via midi i dont think i can connevt it via usbmidi

i want to control my ak star from my mpc and from ableton so via usb and via normal midi

Make sure the analog keys is set to receive both USB+midi in global midi settings. Is your 1000 out going to ableton or directly to the keys? I have mine going out 1000 A&B to both A4 and out to Logic so I can control both from my mpc. MpC midi settings sync AB out.

Thanks thats not how i want it to work but the best i can get i guess i wished i could use both like lets say ableton is playing and i chop the mpc start point on the groove by hand my ak being retrigggert and ableton is recording everything but ja in the end one little trick i dont rlly need

Now its a bit better its just making problems when im using overbridge in my daw so if i dont open the daw i can control everything from my mpc and with daw ableton starts ak and mpc

Maybe disable the midi out from your MPC to ableton when in the DAW will help. Do you use the MPC for the majority of your song’s structure? I tend to build most of my track on the MPC, then I switch to the DAW to control the transport when I record. I think you’ll find a solution that will suit you if you play around with it some more. I just added 20 additional inputs to relieve my head from all the setup issues I’ve been dealing with. Not ideal but it should speed things up once I work it all out.

Analog inputs? or via usb? cause i would like to split the drums from my machindedrum and mpc in some groubs but my adat is full thats why the usb ak came in very handy

Analog. I wanted more control mixing all my individual synths/drums.