Slice grid problems

hello fellow Octatrackers,

Has anyone had problems with “Slice grid”

I am using OS 1,25B.

Most likely something very obvious here, but…
due to the 64step limitation, I am slicing long stems to fit that limitation.

in this case I am slicing a 100bar audio file. I have already set the correct tempo for the file in the audio editor, and placing one trigger from beginning, everything is in sync.

keeping the slices in seamless and in sync on the patterns however is puzzling me.

In this case I select 24 slices (since it is closest to the 8bar)and for some reason each slice becomes 4,17 bar (or as shown on the bottom of slice tab of audio editor B:4,17)

I assume this is a noob issue, but this has been puzzling me for hours.

thanks in advance.

Not sure if I understand you correctly. 100/24 is 4.1666, so if you are dividing 100 bars into 24 equal parts this is naturally what you’ll get.

If you want a slice every pattern you might want to check out OctaChainer v1.2 in the files section. It is a windows tool where I recently added slices every x steps as a feature.

thank you for the reply
you are correct, there was extra 4 bars which I wasnt aware of, otherwise it would have been 96 or 104.

OctaChainer looks very cool. will definetly check that out.

Do you have any experience dealing with those clicks that happen on triggers between slices of long (otherwise seampless) samples?