Slices not playing properly in "Per Track" scaling mode

I ran into a weird problem.

I wanted to switch a pattern from a 64x64 1/4x “Normal” scaling to “Per Track” scaling, so that I could do some midi sequencing on a midi track in a tighter grid than the 64x64 1/4x would allow me.

In the “Normal” scale my audio tracks were playing long slices. After switching to “Per Track” scaling, only one quarter of the slices plays. After playing one quarter of the slice, the track jumps back to the beginning.

If I try switching back to “Normal”, the slices play all through again.

Any ideas?

I actually found a fix through this:

The key in my case was to set Master to 0064 1/2x. It was 0064 1x before.

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Yeah, you have to set Master to equal your longest track now.

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