Slow pulsating hum from AK

Earlier today I posted regarding a “Slow pulsating hum from AK” I thought it was my setup so I had the topic removed, but after buying a new audio interface and making sure my setup was not creating the problem I found the problem still exists. Upon further investigation I hear it from LR outs and headphone out.

It occurs on factory preset “D 15” (at least but I have not had this problem with other factory presets) Trk1 and seems to be some kind of feedback that persist even after changing track and playing or changing bank and playing. I have to restart the machine to get it to stop once it has started.

The fix = dont use that factory preset

I was working on a song and something very similar to that was happenning, it sounded cool so I kept it but I did go through every voice with the magnifying glass to find out what caused it. Turns out that the highest setting for Release on the envelopes is infinite. Don’t know if thay was the case with your preset but its worth it to check the envelopes.

The fix = double stop ?!

The suggestion = try to understand why, don’t reboot/avoid etc.

Yes that did stop it thank you :grinning:


I just checked the release and it was set to 126 just below INF.