Small/budget mixer with direct outs vs Soundcraft mtk12?

I thinking of getting a mixer for when I do not feel like working with the computer, even switching it on; I would need 4 mono/2 stereo minimum. but it needs multitracking, either via direct outs or onboard audio interface.

I work with ableton on windows 10, audio interface is a presonus 1810.

So my options would be a mixer with direct outs to connect those to the audio interface or replace the presonus with something like the soundcraft mtk12. I guess the presonus performs better as an audio interface plus has 4 DC coupled outputs I can use with my Eurorack.

I see the old mix wizards have direct outputs (only the mono outputs?) but I am open to more suggestions. I do not know wether the direct outs to the presonus inputs would perform well though (4 inputs have gain knobs, 4 do not)

The mtk route would be cheaper, I can sell the presonus and buy the mtk for about the same price.

Do not know what to do…:sweat_smile:

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I kind of have the same dilemma. Now I’m doubting between

Zoom Livetrak L12 or 16
Soundcraft signature MTK 12 or 16
Tascal Model 16

Currently my analog deck goes into Focurite, so only 2 tracks of recording simultaneously. I would like to move on to multitrack recording.

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I feel your pain…:sweat_smile:
There is no mtk 16, only mtk 12 or mtk22. Tascam also has similar mixer with SD multitracking but double the price. Mackie Onyx mixer have Firewire interface (Another option maybe?)

Maybe a moderator can move the whole post tothe “other gear” section, my mistake

Well , that has been my doubts during 2 or 3 years.
Last year I buyed a MTK22 and I’m very happy with it

Well it all depends how many channels you wanna Rec in one time and if u prefer to wotk and record everything as a live set.

MTK recs pre fader, so any change u do per channel won’t be record to computer

I have a lot of hardware and modular stuff (selling some now) , when I want to multitrack like in a live set I set some groups and send those channels again as a return to other channels … this way I can rec with my pedals and other EFX boxes

U also have channel 23/24 that records post fader so u can use the internal EFX or any if u want to

For me , the MTK has a great price/quality


Maximum will be 8-10 channels same time; my studio is kind of small and I do not want to have many spare channels as I will end up getting more hardware I do not really need.
My main concerns are audio quality( pre amp noise and such) and audio latency compared to the presonus.
I also read somewhere about someone was not very happy with the headphone out and some other complains about audio levels …
I may miss the DC coupled outs from my presonus but I can sure live with that

Something to consider (maybe), is an audio interface like the MOTU M4. It has direct monitoring of its 4 inputs, and handy meters on the front panel. Of course, you’d still need the mixer part, but then your options open up quite a bit. Bus-powered via USB and even has an on-off switch. I love mine.

The presonus 1810 is a perfectly fine mixer with almost 0 latency monitoring and 8 inputs plus more via adat/spdif; but I would like to replace it for ( or add ) a mixer with multitracking, not another audio interface.
Besides 4 inputs is to little for me, I need 8 inputs minimum

Well, I will try Zoom Livetrack L-12.
I will share my experiences with it here, if any interest.
Why, combination of budget, simultaneous recording out and in the box and desk space.


I haved come across some very cheap 14:4:2 mix wizards, around 150€ …may go for one of these and keep my audio interface

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