Small Mixer for Recording/Monitoring - Little help?

Hey guys,

I’ve just bought a Behringer Xenyx 1002 mixer to gather the outputs of my audio gear before sending it to my Mac audio interface. Unfortunately, I can’t use the 2-Trk return on the thing because, when sent to the headphone output, it mutes all the inputs of the mixer. It’s totally no FFP.

Can anyone recommend a small mixer - sub-£80 - that has a 2nd buss or can do the send/return monitoring? I’m wondering if I can use the 2-Trk In/Out to solve this problem although I don’t think it will given that the switch mutes the inputs.

Any recommendations?

To me it’s unclear, what you want to achieve?

Do you want to listen to the FX return without listening to the main mix, or do you want to have dry channels and a FX wet channel in parallel, or …?

There are mixers with some more flexibility, but I fear, not at your price target. I would check out Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Mackie, and Yamaha. May be one of the small analogue mixers fits to your needs.

If aux-busses (2 or 4) with inputs are of interest, you might find them on mixers with 16 channels and more, but not in your price range if bought new … maybe the second hand market could get you there.

SubZero SZ-MIX06USB 6-Channel Mini Mixer with USB

I like this one, that I will most likely buy one of these days

It’s not clear what your problem is but alt34 from Mackie would likely be what you’re looking for.

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