Smoothed Random LFO

Hey Guys , right here right now i need a smoothed randow LFO shape , do you know how it is actually possible ? because all the elektron machines have pretty similar LFO i post it in the general discussion , but actually i’m on the digitone. it would need this waveform and what would be even better from elektron would be a slew parameter for all the lfo so you could waveshape all waveforms !

I don’t have the Digitone but I think it has 2x LFOs so you could set LFO1 to sine and modulate its depth with LFO2 set to random.

But I agree, I’ve wanted a slew control for the LFOs many times.

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great idea , didn’t thought of that , will try and post the result.will try to use trigless trigs with trig conditions to compensate the lack of 2nd LFO , thx