Snare Problems - bug or defekt machine ? | Analog Rhytm mk2

Hey Elektronauts,

I have problems with my Analog Rytm mk2.

The Problems happens in every project after a while.

When I start a new project everything is fine with the snare drum, but after a while the track volume is completely down and the snare is completely panned to one side and the pad doesn’t react to any input and no sound is coming when I write notes in the step sequencer.

I hoped that it would might be fixed with an os update, but the last 2 updates changed nothing.

Is there someone with the same problems? maybe there is a solution before I have to send it back…


Got any midi going into the rytm?

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yes the rytm gets midi from a spl crimson thru a motu midi micro lite

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well before you send it away i’d check if theres any midi being sent to the snares channel (assuming it’s 2), ways to check this is could be change the snares midi channel, turn off receive control messages, on the crimson change the channels it sends out CCs on, basically i’m saying it sounds like rytm is receiving some control change messages on channel 2 thats causing this.


This has happened to me so many times… and each time I forget and spend 5 minutes checking everything else before I remember to check midi.