Snippets from my upcoming album

I shared this with a couple of friends to ask for comments and insight but thought I might as well share them here as well. I’ve actually shared versions of many of these tracks here previously.

Anyway, these tracks are based on live jams from the past year (a lot of Elektron boxes in the mix!) and I intend to take probably eight of them for the final album. These are still rough around the edges and will largely remain so, but some further arrangements are naturally due. For example, there will be actual strings to replace the synth strings in some of the songs. There will also be some vocals in most tracks.

This is an album for my band which has a record deal with a German label. (The name of the bandcamp is just an alias for my demo stuff.) As our previous album is from 2009 and the style has shifted somewhat, I’m still not 100% sure if I want to release the album under that name (our previous ones were a lot more acoustic in nature), though.

Hard to say where these fall stylistically or genre-wise but some of my influences that you might be able to hear include Ólafur Arnalds, Thom Yorke, Ulver, Nick Cave (especially his soundtracks) and Portishead. I’m aware there is quite a bit of stylistic variation here but I’m confident I’ll get the tracks to fall in place in the end (also don’t personally mind an album that has a bit of variation in moods/sounds/styles).

If anyone’s got time to listen to some of these tracks, I would love to hear what you think and maybe hear what are your favourites out of this bunch. Much love to all!


I’ve only had time for a quick scan through right now but I like what I hear so far. Will have a proper listen over the next day or so.

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Thanks a lot! Very nice that you can find some time to listen to my stuff!

I’m not expecting people here to go through the stuff diligently. That assignment is reserved for people I’ve known for 15+ years and gone through a similar process multiple times with their albums. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just grateful for any possible comments you guys might have.

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