SO.. does AK SOUND different at all from the A4?

I haven’t heard any discussion on this, but I’m assuming it’s because not many people have the AK yet. Does the same bass patch sound slightly better on the AK than the A4?

I really hope this doesn’t start a shitstorm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also wonder if the changes will quietly slip into the A4 eventually just to streamline part acquisition.

I know Elektron said they won’t change A4 production, but you never know :slight_smile:

I hope it starts a shitstorm because I just want to know the truth. Elektron advertised it…

not the sort of shitstorm I meant :slight_smile:

I know Cuckoo owns an A4 and AK, so maybe he’d be willing to put them head to head with the same patches/settings (not sure he posts around here, though).

Cant be more than a small EQ boost. similar to what can be achieved using filter 2 to boost low frequencies.

the 1.1 update seems to have called an end to the bassgate controversy. lots of happy A4 owners and no more threads of people complaining about its bottom end.

It’s funny; Elektron is the only company that makes synths that I end up buying & selling multiple times. After selling the A4, I’ve been thinking about it a lot again lately. The workflow was pretty ideal for creating melodies; which I’m having trouble with in my current hardware setup.

Same for me. The only synth I’ve ever sold and wanted back was my SFX-6…

I hear you… I’m on my second MD and my Third MnM :slight_smile:

Ha! Just sold A4 and my second MD. I still have tbe second Mnm, and i think about purchasing the AK, hmmmm