So, I finally released tracks on Bandcamp


After making lot of unfinished tracks, of many different styles, without being able to keep one direction for a real album, I finally decided to release together most of my finished tracks from 2020 & 2021 on Bandcamp.
That means only eight songs, but I needed this selfish-therapy to move on new material :smiley: .

Tried to make a logical progression with unrelated material, starting with idm/electronica/breakbeat to end with drum & bass, and finally a soft contemporary classical experiment.
Maybe some friend’s remix will be added soon.

I’m bad at mastering, and there are multiple styles of music here, so the volume varies from track to track. Please, be indulgent :wink:



love it!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m really digging track 2!


I added 2 remixes from my friends :slight_smile:

Awesome! And congrats on releasing!

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great tracks!
1~5 are my favorites (style wise)

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thanks a lot for the kind words and your support!

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thanks! I’m always interested which tracks are favorites, specially here as there are multiple styles :slight_smile: