So i passed the day building my studio around Octatrack Mk2 ;p

hey night !

(new OT user)

here’s my (temp) setup, i’m changing home soon…



  • Octatrack is SEQ/MASTER.

  • (that’s what i sorted today,…) i only got a computed-MIDI interface 4x4 USB powered … SO I THINKED THAT : my computer acts as (only) a Standalone MIDI thru : i use 2 Hardware MIDI tracks in Bitwig Studio, that receive & send MIDI (channel bank prog, all…), i will replace with standalone Kenton Thru 12. (edit: i can probably use any smartphones USB transformer POWER… but .doc says it’s for computer…)

  • OT MIDI OUT > 4x4 MIDI IN 1

  • MIDI 4x4 OUT 3 > JP-08 MIDI IN…

  • MIDI 4x4 OUT 4 > Blofeld… (im repairing it, changed encoders + ordered a new resistor that is broken)

(i fought to standalone the USB-powered MIDItech 4x4… just an idea…)

im (tryin) escaping MOUSE + COMPUTER ! (Not anymore ! I LIKE TO PLAY !!!)

Audio :

  • OT main OUT > preamp Octopre mkII dynamic > ADAT 1-2 > saffire pro 24 > PC

  • JP-08 > ADAT 3-4 >same… to pc

audio passtrough ADAT/soundcard, and also recorded on 2 audio tracks on Bitwig Studio : it passtrough both MIDI & (REC) Audio (no Synced/slaved DAW… actually … cant) … & as i cant buy a Mackie 1604…

i gonna plug soundcard audio OUT 3-4 > A-B (or A-C) of the OT.


like i said, i left my old appart, im changing home… but i found solutions (temp)…

worked almost good no ?

All works fine as it must work. im proud of today,



i must finish 2 credits (3) :

  • OT2 12 months
  • JP-08 (6 months)
  • micro-HiFi…

my next buy in 6 month :

  • MOOG SlimPhatty… :crazy_face:


I’ll see later… maybe a Mackie 1604, a delay, a reverb (for sends…), why not a stereo comp…



If i use a MIDI keyboard… how do i setup the OT for like if i switch MIDI track 1 he plays MIDI track 1 program, then push MIDI track 2 so he plays MIDI prog 2, etc… like it follows… (?)

and how i play MIDI track 8 only, even if i select MIDI track 10 or 12… ?

i readed it in manual but also read 150 pages in 2 days… so cant remember…

Thx for help .

I wanted to play keys + OT the way you’re describe. My set-up is:

Rev2 OUT > OT IN
OT OUT > Rev2 IN

The Rev2 has “LOCAL” set to OFF so its keyboard only drives the sound engine when I select the right track on the OT.

Rev2 THRU > ProTone IN
ProTone THRU > AR IN
AR THRU > BassStation IN

I set the OT MIDI Tracks to have separate channels, so T1->ch9, T2->ch10 … T8->ch16. You can arrange this however suits you. I’m gonna change my channel mapping soon because I don’t own 16 synths :slight_smile:. Each synth is on its own MIDI channel, matching the OT Track channel setting.

The chain of MIDI THRU is too long, but I don’t hear timing problems at the moment.

I should probably share my OT MIDI config, but I am not at the machine right now. I’ll be back…

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You are permitted to read the manual again.


& you’re permitted to not reply while i’ve read the entire manual 3 times already… (maybe i have to write 50000 more times i readed it 3x times on every posts…)

if u just can’t understand i’m not a MACHINE that can’t remember 50000 words in practice & so i have questions for stuffs i don’t undertsand very well so i cannot do anymore for you, sry…

page 41 - if you haven’t so far I recommend downloading the PDF version for easy search / browsing :slight_smile:


As @yeshuah is pointing out, what you need to look at is the OT’s AUTO CHANNEL function.

I agree. I’m not suggesting that you should have memorized the entire manual after reading it twice; just that the OT is a deep machine and you will need to refer back to the manual (or previous posts in the forum using the search function) on many occasions while you begin learning how to use it.


thx, i got the english mkII manual & also OT1 FR one. :slight_smile:

that’s what i do, but sometimes i don’t find immediately :s