So I WAS going to get PWM Malevolent, but……

I heard some demos, and loved how raw it sounded.

But then I went to try to recreate the sound with my Matriarch, where I ran her through the Analog Heat. But I posted somewhere else that putting it in 4 voice unison and overdriving the oscillators got pretty raunchy.

THEN, I fired up the Prophet 6. And I posted somewhere the preset 511. And its name is “Scum Slinger”. Absolutely filthy.

No need for another monosynth.


This simple secret trick works with 90% of gears as soon as you’ve got any handful of other gears. You might still want to get the Malevolent to make 100% sure it doesn’t fall into the 10% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :nerd_face:


When I have a Gas like that for a Mono synth I take the A4 and the Rythm and play a bit.
I have few Mono at home but in the end I don’t use them too much.


Yes! I love the Matriarch as a mega-mono synth, for leads, bass, chaos. The OB-6 is an underrated mono too.

I never clicked with the P6 as a mono, but keep coming back to it as a polysynth. Very simple patches, with just a little modulation or fx pedaling…

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I feel ya.

I actually went through a progression.

Got the Grandmother, great mono.

Got the Matriarch as a paraphonic synth, but was a little confounded by the 4 voices round robin’ing.

Did some research and looked at the Prophet six for true polyphony.

I gotta tell you though, I’m into this with the intention of no compromise. I wanted to get the best and be done with it.


Well are we going to get to hear it or what? :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Here’s the Prophet that I posted that night. I just recorded it to voice memo.