Social Distancing Sessions

Hey dear Nauts,
due to the actual situation regarding Covid-19 many many cultural events are cancelled or somehow extremely limited.

This is a time of significant social changes, and I think that especially “bedroom producers” and other nerds don’t feel that uncomfortable with hanging around at home and having time to work on some stuff :slight_smile:

So why don’t we use this time to produce, share and fill this gap in a creative way?

This is only a beginning of something, that could last for months, maybe even years to get in control, so this is also just a little first step towards some kind of interconnected platform for entertainment and cultural “happenings” through wise curating and streaming.

As a first, very tiny step, i want to share my last work that I’ve just finished. I know that IG is not the perfect platform for longer content, but it is just a start :slight_smile:

So please feel free to share and connect! We could share stems, remix other Naut’s songs, add visuals to sound and vice versa, etc. etc.

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First day with the Digi

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