Software for fast bulk sample recording

Hey yall,

What software would you recommend for simple and fast bulk audio recording my external gear?

Wanna start making some big sample packs of my own of modular synths, drum machines and found sounds.

Any suggestions of software that can make this process fast and efficient?

I been trying to do it with ableton, but i’m looking for a method that’s much quicker with recording samples in bulk then naming and filing them.

Sample Robot is great for creating larger sample libs.

if you have a Mac, Main Stage 3 might be the cheaper alternative, but unfortunately I don’t have a Mac so it’s more of an idea than a real tip

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just discovered that Renoise has a “Plugin Grabber”, really cool!

But it doesn’t work with external gear, only plugins…


Checkout mainstage indeed. I wish i could remember the details but they bought and integrated a competitor to sample robot. I used it at one point to capture some hardware. Chickensys has some software but it should be a last resort.