(Solved) A different swing than the MD

After ‘54’ onwards they go very out of sync with one another. Ach! :sob:

(EDIT: I realised my mistake later in the thread - please ignore this!)


54 % swing value

Damn… what about the Octatrack? I only just got mine… havent tried swing with it yet… i just assumed all the boxes would have the same swing… I’ll try it when i get home.

“i just assumed all the boxes would have the same swing”

Likewise :zonked:

Do you have the MD midi synced to the AR (or the other way around)?

Yes, how are they connected? A recording might be useful too.

My bad :sob:

I just did a recording and noticed that I had a swing step ON on one of my drum sounds which (naturally) sent it out of sync / swing with the others.

Feel like a doofus. Sorry for the confusion.

Doesn’t the swing do something strange when the sequencer is synced externally – like there are only three distinct swing settings or something? I seem to remember reading this on the old forum . . .

Maybe it doesn’t apply to the newer machines?

Yes, the MD only has 4 swing settings other than straight time when midi synced. I have not tested the AR yet.

If memory serves the limitation is due to midi clock being 24ppqn.
Stand alone machines may run 48 or even 96 ppqn hence the increased swing performance.

Couple of interesting links


That Attack Magazine article is well worth reading. Glad this turned out not to be such a big problem :wink: