SOLVED : Digitone midi slave not restarting at the beginning of the sequence when using stop/play

Hello everyone,

Recently replaced my Elektron Digitakt by a Yamaha RS7000.

The RS7000 is now the masterclock of my setup. Digitone is a slave.

Only thing is, when i press stop, then play on the RS7000, the Digitone doesn’t restart at the beginning of the 64 steps sequence.

I don’t remember having this problem when the Digitakt was my masterclock. Is the issue coming from the Rs7000 ? I spent hours digging through the utility menu. Same thing for the Digitone.
I can’t see where the problem comes from. Any idea ?


Hmmm I wonder if the Yamaha is using an unconventional transport message?

But it does start and stop with the transport from the Yamaha? Just doesn’t start over, right? So it seems like your midi prefs in the digitone are right (receiving transport and clock)

How crappy would it be to run the Yamaha from the DN’s clock/transport?

I’m using mpc1000 as master. When I stop, it does stop everything. When I restart, I must hit the stop buttons on Digitakt and Digitone to make sure everything is starting at the same place.

It does start and stop the transport, it just doesn’t start other as you said.
Sadly i don’t see anysolution for now.
I can of course use the Yamaha as a slave. That’s just not how i wanted to proceed but it actually won’t change much my setup :slight_smile:

That works for me if i hit stop on the Digitone. Then, when i press play on the Yamaha, the Digitone starts at the beginning of the sequence, as it should. It’s just not really practical for a live set :slight_smile:

ugh, I’m sorry to hear it!

Don’t know the Yamaha, but if we were talking about other gear performing a double stop would possibly reset all gear (master & slaved) - double stop (i.e. a quick stop stop) generally sends out a few extra messages which can be interpreted to reset things … ymmv … worth a try

Off course i tried that, as it usually works with other gear, but not here :roll_eyes:

Are you sure that in this scenario the Yamaha really sends a MIDI start (0xFA) and not a MIDI continue (0xFB) message?

The MIDI standard specifies that when a device receives a MIDI stop message it should keep track of the point at which it stopped playback, because a MIDI continue message can follow.

So MIDI stop is more like a “pause” command, not a “stop and rewind” command.

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I’m not sure about anything…I don’t know much about specific midi messages.

Problem solved : There is a REWIND button on the RS7000. As it just doesn’t exist on most of the modern gear i own, i didn’t even noticed it at first. But pressing STOP, then REWIND, then PLAY, on the RS7000 actually makes the Digitone and the other midi devices start over.

Thanks everyone.